ASEAN New Economy Leadership Progrma



学制:One year program with six modules (each module lasts 3 days)

  • 项目介绍

    Expected to be the most fast-growing region in the coming decade, the ASEAN region has huge development potential and many unexploited high-return investment opportunities. Gaining a deep understanding of local market demand, policies and regulations as well as the diverse culture determines whether a company can win in the next decade. 


    As a strategic program in CKGSB, the ASEAN New Economy Leadership Program brings the best teaching resources to provide a platform for entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN countries to engage in studying, field visits and extensive exchanges.

  • 学习价值

    ● Fully analyzing the ASEAN market, including demographics, regulations, policies, and opportunities.

    ● Discover new opportunities through field visits at top companies, extensive communication with policy makers and opinion leaders

    ● Find new partners to work on new opportunities

    ● Learn from the experienced entrepreneurs and avoid repeating mistakes to deliver effective strategy 

  • 招生对象

    ● Entrepreneurs, from China or Southeast Asian countries, who already have businesses in Southeast Asia or those who are considering starting business there

    ● Officials or those who work at public sectors who want to facilitate the economic exchanges among China and ASEAN countries.


  • XIANG Bing

    Professor of China Business and Globalization
    Founding Dean of CKGSB

    ZHANG Xiaomeng

    Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
    Associate Dean for Executive Education

    OUYANG Hui

    Professor of Finance
    Academic Director for FMBA, CKGSB

    GAN Jie

    Professor of Finance
    Associate Dean for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, CKGSB

    LI Wei

    Professor of Economics
    Director of CKGSB Case Center

  • 模块1
  • 模块2
  • 模块3
  • 模块4
  • 模块5
  • 模块6
  • New economy driven by technology innovation



    ● Understand the global economic and political situation  
    ● Gain an overall understanding of the characteristics and potential of ASEAN regional development;
    ● Apply the lessons of China's economic development to the ASEAN market;


  • New Markets & New Opportunities



    ● Through analyzing the Indonesia market to start understanding the upgrading market in ASEAN region
    ● Understanding of Indonesian policy preferences for Industries
    ● Enhance the interaction and friendship between the students and the leading Indonesian entrepreneurs

  • New Intelligent Manufacturing



    ● Study Thailand's pillar industries (manufacturing, tourism) and emerging industries and understand the focus of government support;
    ● Finding the intersection of supply and demand between Chinese firms and Thai Manufacturers;

  • New Overseas Development Model



    ● To understand the policy risks and major social contradictions in the Malay market
    ● Have a clear understanding of being a respected enterprise, not only in Malaysia but also the region
    ● Identify investment opportunities in the Malaysian market that are linked to "Belt and Road"

  • New Investment Destination



    ● Understand the Vietnam market demand and the rising manufacturing industry there
    ● Analyzing the financial market and investment principles in
    ● Knowledge of family business map in Southeast Asia

  • Financial Innovation



    ● Understand the implications of financial innovation for emerging markets;
    ● Deepen friendship and promote cooperation.